Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How do we purchase products from the Seroussi page?
    Simple: choose the product, the fit (Regular, Long or Short), the size and place the order, directly on the site. If you are a new customer and to eliminate unnecessary returns due to the wrong size, we suggest you visit one of the Seroussi stores beforehand and try different models and sizes, to choose the perfect suit for you. After this experience you will have the opportunity to order easier from the web page, knowing that you are choosing the right size. We will check the stocks and within 24 hours we provide you information on the availability and delivery of the ordered products.
  2. bought a suit from a Seroussi store, I would like to return it. How do I proceed?
    In case you do not like the Seroussi product bought or received as a gift, or the size does not fit you, we accept the return of it. The product will be replaced with an appropriate one, within the limits of the stocks. The value of the product / products purchased is not to be returned! The change will always be made in the store which the product was purchased from. The shop assistants will check the product (which must be in the same state as it was purchased, with intact labels and packaging, and will have the cash- receipt from the store), and they will offer you the most viable solution. We always propose to our customers to buy Gift Vouchers ( rather than a product that may not fit dimensionally, stylisticly or chromaticly to the person you intended to give it. In case of purchasing a product from our online store, we invite you to check our return policy: RETURN POLICY
  3. Where do you have stores?
    To find the nearest Seroussi store, please visit the Stores section on our web page: ( . There are also several multi-brand partners which you can find following the link: (
  4. What are Gift Vouchers and how do I proceed?
    GIFT VOUCHERS are cards with a nominal value of 150, 250 or 500 lei. They can be purchased in Seroussi stores. For details, visit These gift cards save you from the bitter taste that you didn't hit the size or color. You give a voucher and the one who receives it chooses a product based on its own taste and size. And everyone will be happy!
  5. Why do Seroussi suits crease?
    Because they are produced of fabrics made of natural fibers, mainly wool. We also use noble blends with silk or cashmere, as well as cotton or linen fabrics - in different blends. As it’s known, all natural fibers wrinkle, crease especially if not chemically treated. There are some fabrics that, due to a small percentage of elastane in the composition, or the advanced technological processes get wrinkled harder and recover faster. You can find them especially in the TRAVEL SUIT category, or within the Black & Navy program.
  6. Is the small label cut off the sleeve?
    Yes - definitely, yes. That small label "pointed" on the sleeve of the jacket is to identify your favorite brand in a multi-brand store. However, once the jacket / suit is purchased, the label on the sleeve shall be cut - carefully (do not cut the fabric).
  7. How wide / long should the sleeve of the shirt be?
    The cuff should be comfortable around the wrist, but tight enough that, when it is closed, it will not slip too far over the hand. Our general rule is the cuff of the shirt should be about 2 cm larger than the wrist. If too much material is tightened around your wrist, we suggest you take the shirt to a tailor for length adjustment. It is elegant to see between 1 and 2 cm of the shirt’s cuff from the sleeve of the jacket. No more, no less. If the sleeve of the shirt "comes out" more than 2 cm, it means it is too long or the cuff is too large. We suggest you take the shirt to a tailor, to adjust the length / width of the sleeve to suit you.
  8. Do I need cummerbund when I wear suspenders?
    The general rule is that the waistband of the formal trousers must be covered. As options for this "mask" are: the cummerbund, (has nothing to do with holding up your trousers), a vest or a double-breasted evening jacket (which is never unbuttoned in public).
  9. Why not close the last button on the jacket?
    It is a long-standing story: a king became fat, unable to close the last button of his tunic. And the whole court followed him, taking it as a fashion statement. Since then, the last button on the jacket (no matter how many buttons it has) is not closed.
  10. Should socks match the shoes or pants?
    The socks should match the trousers. They may be one shade darker in color as the trousers. This offers a continuous visual line from the waist to the shoes. Otherwise, the eyes stop at the ankle, a point we do not necessarily want to emphasize. You can use a secondary color in the stocking to match a tie, handkerchief or shirt. Or you can go crazy and use funny socks – but not on any occasion!
  11. How do I match shoes?
    If you have gray trousers the shoes can be black (classic), dark brown (sophisticated) or cordovan. With navy - shoes can be black, brown or cordovan / dark burgundy. With black trousers, the shoes can be black or burgundy, but never brown. The cordovan or dark burgundy can be worn with trousers of almost any color. Black never matches brown - being considered a capital sin in the world of fashion.
  12. What does Bespoke mean?
    Bespoke means custom made and personalized based on specifications of a particular client. Bespoke involves a series of operations performed manually, starting with the accurate measurement of the client by a professional tailor, up to the seams for fastening the slide vents, etc., but also the use of special materials. These suits are tailor-made and taking into account the client's specific body features (e.g. one shorter sleeve, curved back or more prominent belly, etc.).
  13. Which is the most suitable office outfit: the single-breasted or the double-breasted suit?
    Both types of jackets are accepted in the same way. It should be taken into consideration that the double-breasted jacket must always be closed, so it is a bit "stiffed". Whichever you choose, it is essential that you feel good in that suit and you do not close the last button.
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