Seroussi brand, implicitly NORADA SA, the manufacturer and retailer of products under "Seroussi" label, assures you all the rights granted by the legislation in force:

„The consumer is entitled to notify in writing to waive the product without penalty and without giving any reason, within 10 working days after receiving the product "- OUG 140/2021, GO 21/1992 republished.
The modality the consumer is granted the guarantee is the replacement of the purchased product or, if this is not possible, the refund of the paid value.

The warranty period is up to 10 business days from the date of delivery of the product, for deficiencies not imputable to the consumer.

The liability of the seller is assumed in accordance with the provisions of OUG 140/2021. The return of the product is made in accordance with OUG 140/2021, as well as Articles 14 and 15 of GO 21/1992 republished. The remedy may be established by consensus. To ensure the warranty, the instructions given below are required.

Keep bill and receipt (in case of refund) for any complaints.


The composition, maintenance instructions and / or the cleaning and maintenance icons for your product are on the care-label inside the product. These are specific to your product, and it is mandatory to consult and comply with them. Keep your product away from objects that can cause scratches, burns, perforations, or any physical damage. If you use specialized cleaning / laundry services to maintain your product, NORADA S.A. cannot be held responsible for any defect that may occur due to the cleaning / washing process.


Do not cut original labels inside the product. The lack of these labels automatically leads to the loss of any warranty.

The use of the data or services as well as the purchase of any product on this site proves that the user / consumer is well informed that any dispute or conflict that may arise between the user and the Seroussi / S.C. NORADA S.A. will be settled based on of the legislation in force and will try first of all to solve them amiably within 30 working days.

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