After a not really cold but very grey winter we can finally hue ourselves a bit. For men the simplest way to bring some shades to their style is to use brightly colored accessories, with big or small patterns, according to your taste and to the event, in tone or in contrast with the main attire. Anyway we urge you to use colors, because this is the trend of this spring.

We prepared you in this season –like always- a multitude of plain or patterned shirts, with normal or double cuffs, with spread or wing collar, suitable for office or special events, in various colors: blue, pink, light purple, ivory. Of course we have a big variety of simple or textured white shirts. These are meant for both business and ceremony, especially the wing collar tuxedo shirts.

Every shirt has its tie, even if you have a simplistic style – and then we suggest plain pocket squares or with a subtle pattern, or you are a confident gentleman with a high sense of fashion – and then you have a wide range of ties.

Camasi seroussi



If you don’t wear tie you must have a colorful pocket square in the chest pocket of your jacket. Plain or patterned – we offer you a great variety of silk hankies.





If you are not restricted by a harsh dress code at work, we suggest a business- casual style, which allows you to have a particular look.

This style combines formal trousers with a complete white shirt, or one with prints, no tie, but clearly with a decorative pocket square.

For your spare time we suggest you floral or paisley prints shirts or jeans type ones.

Black & Navy: In this section we propose some business positions Black & Navy blazers and suits, tuxedos, tail-coat and frock-coat, trousers and also ceremony accessories, such as: shirts, bow ties and cummerbunds.

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