MIX & MATCH - concept development


Until now, under the idea of Mix & Match, we've introduced mostly combinations of jackets and trousers of the same fabric in different styles and sizes.

This season we offer you some checked suits or jackets for which we have produced plain trousers and waistcoats, in matching shades that you can combine to the suit, according to your taste and requirements.

Thus, buying an elegant, modern suit made of plaid fabric, and choosing the matching vest and trousers to it, you get 3-4 attires just like that.

They are beautiful combinations, specially chosen for you, that will show refinement and the taste for elegance.



Soon the wedding season opens. We also thought of the grooms who want new, special models out of the ordinary. So, in the next few weeks, the following new styles will appear in Seroussi stores:

RINGO – a gala or evening jacket, without lapel, and standing, mandarin collar. Cut on the body, it will define your athletic silhouette.

For this jacket we propose a french-cuffed shirt and, definitely, a bow tie.

REDING – is a new, shorter and slimmer morning or tail-coat, with a fluid and beautifully curved cut.

The tail coat demands a french-cuffed shirt and, definitely, a bow tie.

COZTUX – based on a well-sold jacket, its patterns have been modiffied, cut closer to the body and the lapel has been widened, according to the current trend.

This tuxedo jacket can be worn with a bow tie, but also with a black tie, depending on the event.

TUXSYD – a double-breasted tuxedo jacket with a wide, peak lapel.

An extra-elegant model, dating from ancient times, updated by the SLIM CUT and by the comfortable fabric, with elastan in composition.



The novelty of 2018 is that we introduced LORO PIANA fabrics in the LIMITED EDITION program, a well-known name in the garment market. Headquartered in northern Italy, Loro Piana produces superlative fabrics and luxury goods using the finest and richest raw materials in the world. The pursuit of excellence has been its mission over six generations. Loro Piana constantly updates its range of over 1,500 fabric variations, including extra-fine merino wool, cashmere and baby cashmere, vicuña and the finest silks combined with other fibers that result in the most light and performance fabrics for formal wear.

Loro Piana has come to set the benchmark for the world’s finest yarns and fabrics, thanks to its tireless investments in raw materials and production, and continued technical innovation. The company controls every stage of production to its exacting standards, from the collection of the natural fibers, right down to the delivery of the finished products to its stores. Loro Piana’s commitment to the sustainability of these rare, exclusive fibers has resulted in long term conservation programs to safeguard the animals and their habitats. By forging exclusive partnerships with suppliers round the world, it supports and encourages ongoing research and development right from the source. Loro Piana uses these unique raw materials to produce its world-renowned textiles and exceptional luxury goods, which are all meticulously crafted in Italy by some of the country’s most skillful artisans. Tradition and innovation inspire the company’s uncompromising vision of quality.



Products made of this fabric can be ordered in Seroussi stores from AFI Mall - București, Iulius Mall – Cluj Napoca and Timișoara, Promenada Mall – Târgu Mureș and Palas Mall in Iași. Choose the fabric from the Loro Piana catalogs, choose the Seroussi model in your size, place the order and get the product within 20 working days.





Seroussi brand continues to bring some special materials in Spring-Summer 2018 collection, too. We will present you hereby one of them, a light summer-jacket fabric from DRAGO Italy.


Bluefeel is a 140’S tropical wool – called “The ultimate fabric for business travelers”.


We offer you our new GIZA jacket in this article, in 9 beautiful, bright summer colors, which will be in our stores starting March.

Special fabrics in spring-summer 2018 collection



What can this special fabric do?


Special fabrics in spring-summer 2018 collection
  • It’s a natural stretch – for Perfect Fit.
  • Is a non-stain fabric, easy to clean.
  • It’s a breezy feeling and sun stop, due to its special dyeing and finishing, which repel solar radiation.
  • Is waterproof, repelling the rain.
  • Is Eco friendly, because it’s made of Patagonian Organic Wool, respectful of the environment and the animals.


Another special fabric used in 2018 Spring-Summer Collection is Article WR918 provided by ZIGNONE.This material rejects water - so it is automatically easier to maintain it, it has some comfortably elastane in composition, achieving this way a perfect TRAVEL SUIT.


Special fabrics in spring-summer 2018 collection

We have made two MIX&MATCH suits: HARVARD + COOPER și NEW ROWIE + PIPE to offer you more possibilites of choose.

Special fabrics in spring-summer 2018 collection
Special fabrics in spring-summer 2018 collection





Gift box

To give a hand to those who want to buy a nice, elegant, masculine gift, we offer you a gift box that includes a silk tie and a pocket-square, as well as a pair of metal buttons with or without semi precious stones. The value of the gift depends on the combined accessories.

Gift box






Every season we bring new, beautiful, interesting, elegant accessories. A limited novelty is represented by the anniversary buttons from MON ART - Italy, which are all numbered, can’t find two of a kind. The theme adopted for this 45th anniversary is Leonardo da Vinci and his works. Choose something unique but eternal!





The 2017 autumn collection started with a novelty: sports coats in Seroussi stores. For now we have only three models, two of which are reversible, but we want to develop the range of sport products.

AVIO is a reversible jacket. SENSO is a travel jacket with comfortable, large, stretch-fastened pockets to support you during your journey. TRENO is a reversible jacket, too. These jacekts are very light, warm, with windproof and waterproof features for your comfort. More details here:





Loake is a traditional footwear manufacturer for men with a history of over 130 years in England. It's famous for classic shoes made by Goodyear Welted technique and for using only the highest quality materials. When tradition and performance meet passion, higher standards are born, and Loake is no exception. "Today, 5 generations and 130 years later, the association between Loake and quality handmade shoes still persists." More details in Seroussi stores or on the following email:



Noutati Seroussi

It is a relatively new suit concept, designed for the contamporary man, dynamic and always in move, but without too much spare time. The fabric mills conceived modern materials, mostly of wool 100% or with a small amount of elastane for more comfort. These materials are getting back their original shape faster than others. Seroussi brand manufactures these type of suits which offer you versatility sustained by a perfect fit, using proper auxiliaries and a modern technology.

New Arrivals

You find more new arrivals in sections: CEREMONY, SLIM FIT, TAILOR FIT and CASUAL


These days the role of the suit changes following the changes of the modern men. Businessmen are no longer chained to their offices, they move continuously from a meeting to the airplane, from the taxi to a boardroom. Therefore they need attires to suit this life in motion.

The number of suit a men should have depends mostly on his job. If you wear a suit every day, then minimum three is what you need, to alternate them. Your first suit should be a charcoal one, then a navy and you can choose a blue, grey or black for the third one. In our Black&Navy program you can already find black and navy business suits, matching the criteria stated above. And we introduced a blue position from italian mill Marlane, in the Fall 2017 collection, which offer you 1440 minutes of comfort and elegance.

Basically, the definition of a TRAVEL SUIT is az aesthetically proper suit for business travels with the comfort of the spre time activities, perfect for a diner, too. A suit in which you look “fresh”, without creases, vital in the office world.

Being stylish, traveling in style includes your dress as well. If you are one of those jumping from plain to plain, from a taxi to the subway, you need your cloths work for you, not against you. To be elegant at check-in points it is essential, but to look smart at the destinations is even more important.



Termo-comfort Turtlenecks

Termo-Comfort pullovers from Italy with 2 layers:
Inside: 100% cotton-guarantees exceptional comfort in contact with the skin
Exterior: 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic - keeps you warm during the cold season

Five different colors: black, gray, burgundy, light blue and navy.


Termo-comfort Turtlenecks



Soft technology on the shoulders

Soft technology on the shoulders

A novelty of the Autumn 2017 season is soft shoulder processing, with no thick padding to bother you. It is an adaptation of a modern, dynamic and accelerated life requirement: greater freedom of movement. For those who wear suits day after day, this soft shoulder manufacturing offers a greater degree of comfort. Of course, we applied this idea to both office suits and casual jackets to blend elegance from a boardroom with the casual af the spare time.

Ask our consultants in Seroussi stores for soft-shoulder manufactured jackets!

Soft technology on the shoulders



Safari Suit

The absolute novelty of the 2017 Summer Collection is the Safari Suit, inspired by the James Bond films.

Safari Suit
Safari Suit

Simply, safari inspired clothing can be used to create a series of timeless, refined and comfortable combinations for the hot summer weather. Traditionally having four or more extensible pockets, epaulettes and a strap attached to the waist, the Safari has been designed to be lightweight, comfortable, to provide mobility but also to be warm enough for cold "african" evenings. The main part of any modern safari-look is of course the safari jacket. Perhaps the most important advantage of the jacket is its versatility. Wear it with a shirt and slim fit Chinos for cocktail evenings, throw it on jeans, combined with a T-shirt for a weekend with friends - this piece will quickly become a basic element of your wardrobe.



Noutati Seroussi

You find more new arrivals in sections: CEREMONY, SLIM FIT, TAILOR FIT and CASUAL


We have prepaired for You a special chapter where you can find the new arrivals of the season: exquisite fabrics, new products or styles. In this Spring-Summer collection we included light, fine fabrics of 100% wool or blended with cotton to offer you wellbeing even in the hottest summer day in the office, during your business trips or your holidays. We have new half-lined jackets, very comfortable and suitable in summertime.




A totally new model in this season: NEW SYDNY is a double-breasted jacket, without shoulder pads for absolute comfort.

We have chosen navy plaid fabrics in the idea that this garment can be used as a blazer, too.

We have created a special concept of MIX & MATCH using two models of jacket and one style for trousers.

Jackets combined with pants of the same fabric give you an office attire, or with beige Chinos gives you the look of a confident member of an elite club.

Jackets and pants are cut separately so you can combine different sizes.

New Sydny
New Sydny





Another novelty is the Slim Fit model GIZA. Built without shoulder pads, this is a lightweight jacket, comfortable, with a greater leisure, which intensifies the pleasure to wear it.

The lapel is wider - this being a requirement of the fashion.

We have chosen two plaid fabrics, thin, light, especially for summer, so you have got together all necessary characteristics for a smart casual aestival outfit.






For a greater diversification of the accessories, but also to give you the opportunity to choose between several types and qualities, we test the market and bring new suppliers into our stores. Now we present you leather belts made in Spain.






These genuine leather shoes (sole, out and inside) are very elegant. The leather, carefully selected, is buffalo calf leather and it is very resistant. The special channel, in which there is a particular adhesive, the way of sealing and waterproofing, but also the stitching which joins outsole / insole and the faces of the shoe, all these details provide flexibility, comfort and maximum resistance to wear.






We introduce to you the new high quality cotton T- shirts in bright colors, with the ultimate goal of complete the summer outfit of  gentlemen and make another step towards the concept of TOTAL LOOK.

The supllier's MONTECHIARO tradition unveils new horizons by keeping updating, yet not forgetting the past and putting together craftsmanship and the "made in Italy" know-how.






Belts made from real crocodile leather. Processed in Italy, respecting international rules on the protection of these species! Available in Seroussi stores only!

Two different colors: black and brown

Price: 975 RON

Curele Seroussi





Small details can transform an ordinary outfit into a refined and stylish one! Now in Seroussi stores you can find bracelets, key chains and other accessories of high quality from MonArt, Italy!

Available in Seroussi stores only!

Price : 135-255 RON

Bratari barbatesti Seroussi