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The Seroussi store from City Mall - Constanta sponsored the Junior Prom at the “Mircea cel Batran” Marine Military Academy

The young cadets were wearing Seroussi tuxedos and suits, youthful Slim Fit models, made of trendy fabrics from mostly Italian suppliers. Elegant accessories as white NON IRON cotton shirts, with antibacterial properties, fine silk ties and bow-ties, fine pocket squares, cuff-links with Swarovski or semi-precious stones - complete the young gentlemen's attires.

The Seroussi brand wishes all students at the “Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Military Academy lots of success in all areas!

ETTU cup finals

It was a high quality event where our team presented itself on the international games. On the first round of the European Cup in Odorheiu Secuiesc we could witness real ping-pong delicacies.

Everyone in our team produced a mature and quality game, we managed to show that we are among the best players in Europe. Even so our players have been defeated. From the group, the Czechs and Belgians won the two places for the semifinal.

You choose how to live your life

"You choose how to live your life and if you have a dream, you will certainly be able to make it come true."

The Seroussi brand chose to sponsor the young Zoltan Vizoli from Miercurea Ciuc on its way up to the heights of Mont Blanc.

As this ambitious young man walks with self-confidence and perseverance to the high peaks of the world's mountains, the Seroussi brand also climbs steadily on the winding paths of fashion.



Seroussi brand participates to the wedding fairs organized all over the country, just to be closer to you, to our customer, whether you are future groom, or you are only attending a wedding as a guest.

We have already been in Cluj Napoca and in Bacău, and in February, we will exhibit a small part of the ceremony collection at the fairs in Târgu Mureş, Iași, Braşov, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu and Bucharest. Follow us on Facebook and on our website to see where you can find us.


The Seroussi brand is present at Palace Ball of Târgu Mureş

The Ball of the Palace is an initiative of the Mercur Association, in partnership with the Mureş County Museum, the Târgu Mureş State Philharmonic and the Dance Art Sports Club and is the first such event organized in the Palace of Culture from Târgu Mureş, built 104 years ago.

In addition to the sponsorship, Seroussi brand was on the dance floor through the elegant outfits, coming from the current collections, the guests were wearing.

Balul Palatului