About Us

About Us

S.C. NORADA S.A. is a joint venture founded in 1993 and controlled by Mr. J.A. Seroussi, main shareholder in two other men's garment factories: one in Odorheiu-Secuiesc as well as Norada, named IKOS CONF S.A., and the other in SERCONF S.A. in Botosani.
The two factories IKOS CONF and NORADA export together about 700,000 men’s suits to Europe every year, while SERCONF exports about 800,000 men’s and ladies’ trousers, for well-known brands from Germany, France and Scandinavia.

Mr. J. A. Seroussi also controls J&R Enterprises SRL, based in Bucharest, holder of the registered “SEROUSSI” TM for men’s garments produced under License in SC Norada SA.
Men’s suits, jackets, trousers, coats, raincoats and tuxedoes are all manufactured according to high quality standards with carefully selected materials and interlining.

For developing the concept of “Total Look”, the SEROUSSI BRAND TEAM carefully selected a range of collaborators producing under “SEROUSSI” private label accessories, silk ties, cotton shirts, woolen sweaters, leather belts, and mercerized cotton stockings, all of a high quality.

Fabrics used in Norada are carefully chosen from well-known Italian manufacturers, nothing less than 100% wool of the finest quality and/or in a variety of precious combinations with silk or with elasthan, offering our clients unmatched comfort.

You can buy “SEROUSSI” brand garments and accessories in 13 stand alone “SEROUSSI” stores and within over 40 multibrand retailer partner’s stores all over Romania.


Certified ISO9001